Thank you to the 38,000 Mo Legends.Image by: Movember
Mo Bro does push up on rooftop with Melbourne skyline in background.
28 June 2023

312 million push-ups, 38,000 legends, 23 days

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In June of this year, Movember joined forces with The Push-Up Challenge to once again champion the cause of mental health. Participants from all corners of Australia united in an extraordinary display of strength, completing an astonishing 3,144 push-ups each. Over the course of 23 days, these individuals pushed their physical and mental limits, bringing attention to the importance of mental well-being and suicide prevention.

Pushing limits for a vital cause

The number of push-ups, 3,144, is symbolic - representing the number of Australians lost to suicide in 2021 – and helps shine a light on the alarming prevalence of male suicide in our country. Every day we lose more than 6 men to suicide in Australia, with males accounting for around three-quarters of national suicides.

A remarkable total of over 312 million push-ups were achieved collectively, generating a staggering $14 million (and still counting) in donations. The funds raised will be directed towards Movember, Lifeline and Push for Better, three organisations dedicated to providing critical mental health services throughout Australia.

Sore arms, but full hearts

This tremendous achievement owes a special shoutout to the unwavering commitment of the more than 38,000 Mo’s who selflessly challenged themselves both physically and mentally. A massive thank you to our Mo community, who stepped up and completed an astounding number of push-ups.

Their dedication and perseverance not only left them with sore arms and strengthened muscles but also contributed to the delivery of lifesaving tools and programs focused on men's mental health and suicide prevention.

Beyond the numbers

Since its establishment in 2017, The Push-Up Challenge has emerged as Australia's largest fitness-based mental health event, offering a dynamic platform for Australians to connect with one another while raising awareness about mental health issues.

The challenge involved participants completing varying numbers of push-ups each day, with the assigned figures informed by mental health statistics. This approach aimed to educate the community about mental health while simultaneously promoting physical fitness.

Movember remains committed to investing in a diverse range of mental health programs with a primary focus on early intervention. By bolstering resilience and fostering stronger social connections, these initiatives aim to mitigate the risk of suicide.

The real flex of doing the Push-Up Challenge is straight-up saving lives. Money raised goes towards programs like Men in Mind, a Movember-funded training program designed to help therapists connect better with men.

To find out more about Men in Mind, visit the program’s website or explore other programs your dollars help Movember fund HERE.