The Art of MoustacheryImage by: Movember
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
25 October 2020


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Exclusive artworks by celebrated Australian street artists being auctioned between 29 October and 14 November to raise funds for men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs.

Five celebrated Aussie street artists - alongside Movember Co-founder and Global Brand & Creative Director, Travis Garone - have been given the unique opportunity to reimagine the MR. MONOPOLY character for the first time ever in the game’s 85-year history.

In this one-of-a-kind series the MR. MONOPOLY character comes to life in the artists’ signature styles across a variety of mediums, from stencil art to acrylic and spray paint, with inspiration for the new moustache taken from Australiana suburbia and the natural world, through to pop culture icons such as Salvador Dali and Forrest Gump.

The artworks created by Tom Gerrard, Callum Preston, HA-HA (Regan Tamanuiaka), Makatron (Mike Maka), Doyle (Adrian Doyle) and Travis Garone are all available now. For your chance to secure your own slice of moustache art history, click here to start bidding.


The Art of Moustachery

Thursday 29 October – Saturday 14 November

Reserve prices start at $1,000.



There’s a quiet serenity to the work of this talented street artist, and this piece has all the important trademarks of an iconic Tom Gerrard artwork. In this reimagination, the figure he is famous for takes on the role of MR. MONOPOLY on a stack of bills, artfully telling a story. As one of five kids, boardgames were always around for Tom growing up. He recalls never particularly winning, and the importance of securing all the properties to come out on top which has influenced the narrative of the piece. ‘It’s a scene of someone doing really well at Monopoly – winning. So, it’s me winning Monopoly as a kid,” Gerrard explains.

Tom Gerrard understands the innate contradiction at the heart of his central characters all too well, reflecting, “The guys I portray in my artwork are so carefree about who they are and how they look but at the same time they’re the sort of people who would really back away from opening up and showing any emotion and admitting that they had any issues with mental health.”

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Reflecting the distressed vintage style Preston is renowned for, this artwork brings MR. MONOPOLY and his moustache to life to convey a naturally weathered feel.

Callum likes to turn to music to inspire, and for this piece he connected with the Tom Petty lyric ‘Running down a dream’, that features in the work.

Preston’s work is always personal, and reimagining MR. MONOPOLY was no exception.“It made me stop and think a little bit about mental health and guys I knew who I’ve lost through suicide, and also people who have struggled and had difficult lives connected to that. I was reminded to be thankful for what I have and to always be aware of the importance of checking in on yourself and on your friends.”

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MR. MONOPOLY REIMAGINED, by Makatron (Mike Maka)

Nature finds its way into almost everything Makatron paints, and in this case, it’s MR. MONOPOLY’s moustache. Gone is the refined Mo we once knew, and in its place rests a piece of wilderness that has taken on a life of its own. This naturalized Mo is thematically consistent with Makatron’s other work, where natural forces always fight back against the unyielding march of civilisation.

Speaking on his involvement in The Art of Moustachery, Makatron said, “I wanted to get involved with this project, as it’s pretty typical of Australian men, if not of those globally, to think that it’s not manly to ask for help or to talk about depression or to be showing weakness. Movember allows people to open up and bring mental health into general conversation, which is so important.”

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MR. MONOPOLY REIMAGINED, by HA-HA (Regan Tamanuiaka)

Stencil artist HA-HA is a long-time supporter of both Monopoly and Movember. With a process based on repetition and colour, iconic symbols from the boardgame such as ‘Go to jail’ and ‘Free Parking’ can be found within the repeating of the imagery and vibrant colours reflective of a pop art style.

The key to reimagining MR. MONOPOLY was to reinvent his moustache. “I played around with MR. MONOPOLY’s moustache for quite a bit and I kind of liked the idea of a big, wild buffalo man’s moustache."

To HA-HA, taking on the project made sense. Of the collaboration he said, “It’s going to a good cause - men’s health - and it’s good to be a part of a community and contribute to something positive.

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MR. MONOPOLY RE-IMAGINED, by Doyle (Adrian Doyle)

True to his signature style, fine artist and street artist Adrian Doyle paints MR. MONOPOLY in Australian suburbia with an 1820s prospector moustache.

Hand spray-painted, the focus of this piece for Doyle was in building the landscape first and achieving a high-end finish before completing the artwork with MR. MONOPOLY.

“I grew up with Monopoly, as we all did, it’s part of suburbia - it’s art of suburban Australia but it’s an international icon,” said Doyle.

Referring to MR. MONOPOLY as ‘Old Money Bags’, Doyle explains, “I’ve put him in the context of having a hammer with a house which asks lots of questions, and answers none. So, you can take from this image what you will.”

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Movember Co-founder and Global Brand & Creative Director, Travis Garone has also contributed a one-off artwork for auction, using black ink and acrylic on canvas in a reimagining that brings Mr Monopoly into the modern age.

“I’m excited and honoured to have my art hanging alongside the work of such a talented crew of the country’s top street artists. These guys have gone above and beyond in creating these pieces for Movember, and they really do represent the chance to own a piece of Australian history,” he said.

Start bidding, or go behind the scenes of MR. MONOPOLY REIMAGINED, with Travis Garone


To celebrate the launch of The Art of Moustachery, we've teamed up with HA-HA and Travis Garone to share their limited edition artwork prints in a limited edition tee and tote product capsule, available now.


The Movember MONOPOLY partnership also aims to raise $150,000 for Movember, with a special Movember MONOPOLY Edition now available exclusively at Big W.

This is Monopoly as you’ve never experienced it before. Rather than hotels, you accumulate moustaches. Utilities are now barbershops, and when it comes to chance, perhaps your employer dollar-matched your fundraising total, your moustache was voted best in the office or you’re rewarded for catching up with a mate to check in.

$5 from every game purchased will go to Movember to help change the face of men’s health.

Movember Monopoly can be yours here.