The Push-Up Challenge returns

For the second year running, Movember has partnered with The Push-Up Challenge to deliver an epic mental health event.

The Push-Up Challenge is all about connection, getting physically and mentally fit, and raising funds for mental health and suicide prevention.

Join us. Together we can push for better mental health.

Help make a difference and support men’s health

3,144 is the number of push-ups to complete in 23 days from June 1. This number marks the Aussie lives lost to suicide in 2021 – and helps shine a light on the alarming prevalence of male suicide in our country.

Every day we lose more than 6 men to suicide in Oz, with males accounting for around three quarters of national suicides.

Movember is calling on all Australians to come together, get fit and have fun for The Push-Up Challenge. Your support will fund lifesaving mental health and suicide prevention projects that support at-risk men and reduce the rate of suicide – and you'll improve your own health and wellbeing. Together, we can push for better mental health.

Three people performing push-ups in a suburban driveway.

How do I get involved?


Smiling woman performing puss-ups on her knees.

Head to the registration page where you can sign up as an individual, create a team, or join an existing team. Pushing out one more rep becomes a whole lot easier when taking on the challenge with your crew.

Get pushin'

Close-up side view photo of man with a dashingly handsome moustache performing a push-up.

The goal is 3,144 push-ups. But if sit-ups, squats or another exercise are more your thing? Then go for it. Even doing half the push-up total (1,572) is totally valid. If it ups the heartrate and shines a light on male suicide, we’re all for it.

Raise funds

Photo of two people performing push-ups.

Share and celebrate your hard work on social media. Rally your community for donations. Let them know it’s for a good cause. And that you’re helping push for better mental health.

Why we’re pushing

The Push-Up Challenge is all about helping people push for better mental health. For instance, did you know that half of men who die by suicide have been in contact with mental health services prior to their death?

We can stop men slipping through the cracks by developing more targeted mental health and suicide prevention programs. Early intervention can save lives, prevent potentially lifelong mental illness, and help support men before they reach crisis point.

Photo of young man enthusiastically doing push-ups in his living room.

Where the money goes

Working together, we can prevent men from slipping through the cracks by raising funds for Movember through initiatives like The Push-Up Challenge. Your commitment and fundraising efforts will help us develop more targeted mental health and suicide prevention programs, like Men in Mind. This Movember-funded online professional training program for therapists aims to bridge the gap between what clinicians can offer, and what men who seek counseling truly need.

Despite the growing number of men seeking treatment, many drop out – and the number of men taking their own lives is increasing. This highlights the need for better treatment plans that truly engage men the way they need to be engaged. Men in Mind is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive and evidence-based training course for practitioners who counsel men. Developed by clinicians and supported by years of research, Men in Mind is designed to equip mental health clinicians with the skills to build effective treatment plans that engage and connect with men.

A Men In Mind logo. Black text on a white background says: "Men In Mind. Sharpen your focus."